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     Thank you Sheri for making this available to our community!! My son has been in Sheri's practice since September and I can truly say it has helped him tremendously!  Not only in his studies, but also in his life!  He has become a self starter, has learned how to take pride in his work even when it is a struggle!  He is way more comfortable reading and more confident in his plans and abilities! I cannot say enough about  this program and Sheri!! She instilled confidence and has the power to encourage and inspire in a way that I have been unable to do homeschooling and I am learning a lot from her!! 


     Working with Sheri has also reduced the load from my shoulders. I felt as if I were drowning before.  

If you need help or even if you are unsure if you actually need it make an apt to talk with her!  It has made a huge difference in our homeschool and changed our lives!!

     Thanks again Sheri!!!!


Rachel Andersen





     I just want to say that I am so thankful for Sheri Taylor and the NILD program!!

     After YEARS of struggling to read, write, be able to describe experiences and stories in detail that made sense, not being able to remember more Than one command at a time and a host of other challenges, my son (in just 5 months on the program) is writing in near perfect cursive, can do math not only understand it but explain how he got the right answer as well as list the steps he took to get there in writing, he is cultivating a love of reading, he is a self starter, he is processing info at a much higher rate which leaves him confident and less frustrated.  He is beginning to believe in his abilities and see what all of us have seen all along!
     This program changed our lives!! Sheri is encouraging, challenging, patient, and kind!  My son is excited about learning and she inspires him every time!!!
He was diagnosed with dyslexia, auditory and visual processing issues and he is overcoming so many challenges it blows my mind!!!
     It has also taken such a load off of my mind because this therapy has replaced our entire language arts curriculum which means there is less on my shoulders! I cannot recommend it highly enough!!
If your child is struggling, I understand the pain and confusion it brings to you and them! Get a hold of Sheri!!!

     It could change your life and put your child on the path to success using the unique talents God gave them!!!!

Rachel Andersen 


We came to Sheri a broken, desperate, mess.  Our son was in fifth grade. We had homeschooled for the past four years, but we had hit a wall.  We believed our son was dyslexic and been using a program specially designed for that, but things were just getting worse.  His handwriting was a mess, he was ALWAYS frustrated, he had a terrible time reading (especially aloud) every single subject had become impossible.  Putting him in school was not an option, we knew it would only make things worse.  I reached out to our homeschool association to see if anyone else has had this problem or could recommend help. A friend of mine who was also a teacher and a homeschool mom told me about Sheri.  

The day came for our consultation. Sitting in her office, Sheri described what her program could offer and we were filled with hope.  We signed up with her and after formal testing our dyslexia suspicions were confirmed along with a few other challenges we were not aware of before. Here was validation of the reality of our struggle as well as solutions!  

He loves working with Sheri! She is very soft spoken and has always made it a point to not allow him to become frustrated while at the same time propelling him forward to work through hardship.  She is one of the most encouraging people I have ever met.  

Now, a seventh grader, our son can write beautifully. He is learning strategies to use both sides of his brain to solve problems and puzzles. His math skills are improving. He can look at a paragraph on one side and copy it down on his paper.  He is learning parts of speech and improving his vocabulary and spelling skills.  He is voluntarily reading a biography right now for fun! Every day I see new ways that he has improved. He is not frustrated any more.  NILD has given him keys, Sheri has made him believe in himself, and he has worked so hard!  At the end of the first year we had tests done again and we're delighted to see all the ways he has improved!

This is not just an academic problem. If your child struggles like mine has, his or her life skills are also being hindered.  The same issues in his brain that cause struggles academically, are ones that will cause problems in life.  An inability to strategize, an inability to write legibly, not being able to read properly or understand what is being read, low confidence, these are things that can hinder them from following their dreams and can limit them in their careers. My point is this: Sheri and her program have helped him in school, and have given him skills that will take him out of school and into life! I have seen my little boy go from having all these things bottled up inside with no outlet, to being able to express himself with confidence and be excited about his abilities!  For the first time in his life he has been able to express to us what he wants to be when he grows up! I asked why he didn't tell me before. He said, "because I didn't think I could do it before." We could not be happier or more thankful for Sheri and the NILD program! 

Rachel Andersen




We decided to remove our son from public school and start on the homeschooling journey a few years ago, he was struggling academically most of the time. It should never have been that hard. 

Our son is deaf in one ear, the teachers and school were notified of this from the very beginning. Never once were any recommendations made for his learning.


Since starting homeschooling we discovered the struggle was real and intervention was necessary.


I can't thank the Lord enough for proving such an amazing program (NILD) and Mrs. Sherri for our son. Thank you Mrs. Sherri for making learning fun again!  Our son really enjoys working with you.

Our son has made such great strides academically and his confidence in his learning ability has grown tremendously. Since finding this program, we have seen a huge improvement in his reading comprehension, vocabulary, handwriting, most importantly is his ability to be able to process the information given to him and so much more.

Our son has always struggled academically, but he continues to persevere through the difficulties of learning now due to the strategies he has learned while working with Mrs. Sherri. 

We will never be able to thank you enough.


If you need help for your struggling student I would highly recommend Sheri Taylor.

Carrie Fadden


I just want to say that I'm so thankful for Sheri Taylor. I decided to remove my daughter from public school and start homeschooling. She has low-functioning autism. At school she was struggling academically, and I was feeling that she could do better. I was right. After we started with more therapy, and Sheri's practice, we started to see many changes. My daughter began to enjoy learning new things. She started to communicate needs and wants more effectively. That is really a big thing!


Working with Sheri not just helped my daughter, it helped me too. Sheri is a positive person. She is patient, kind, and generous. If you feel you and your child need help, this is the right program and the right person to go to. Sheri can help you and help your child be successful, and you will leave the struggling behind.


Thank you so much.


Indira Gutierrez.

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