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"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7

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Educational Therapy



Mountains are beautiful to look at, but hard to climb. Educating your children can be a difficult task, as well, whether you choose to homeschool or subcontract with a tutor, private, or public school. You do not have to climb this mountain on your own.  Find out how Uniquely Taylored Educational Consulting can help.

NILD Educational Therapy

Developing Minds.

Changing Lives.


For parents of children who struggle to learn, finding effective intervention can be a challenge.  The National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) has developed tools for learning that offer hope. NILD Educational Therapy differs from tutoring in that cognitive and perceptual weaknesses are strengthened to support independent learning. This approach is individualized and involves intense mediated learning. Uniquely Taylored Educational Consulting can help you change your life or the life of someone you love.



Now that your homeschool is up and running, you need a yearly evaluation to make sure that your child is progressing at a level comensurate with his or her ability.  Uniquely Taylored Educational Consulting can perform your no-stress offering on-line and in-person evaluations.

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