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Sheri Taylor is a certified practitioner in Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (FIE), which is all about thinking skills otherwise known as cognitive functions.  Through stimulating and challenging activities, developed by    Dr. Reuven Feuerstein, students learn how to learn.  The human brain is the most modifiable organ in the body.  No matter the challenge, all of us can grow and change for the better.  I agree with the vision of Dr. Reuven Feuerstein when he said,

My dream is to make it possible for every person to fulfill themselves and the image of the Creator that is within them to the maximum of their potential.  This for his or her own benefit and for the benefit of every person they encounter: family, friends neighbors, and all others.  An essential part of this dream is that each will have the means and the opportunity; the faith and the vision to achieve this goal.  Human fulfillment is a direct product of these factors.  Education, training, and direction are essential elements in helping a person towards this aim in life.  This is essential to the past, the present and the future of the individual and all humanity.


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List of Cognitive Functions:

Clear Perception, Systematic Exploration, Precise and Accurate Labeling, Well-Developed Sense of Time, Well-Developed Sense of Space, Conservation of Constancies, Capacity to Consider More than One Source of Inforamtion, Need for Precision, Accurate Definition of the Problem, Selection of Relevant Clues, Internalization of Information, Planning Behavior, Broad Mental Field, Recognizing Relationships, Spontaneous Comparative Behavior, Categorizing, Inferential Hypothetical Thinking, Using Logic to Arrive at and Defend a Conclusion, Spontaneous Summative Behavior, Adequate Verbal Tools, Using Clear and Precise Language, Thinking Things Through Before Responding, Waiting Before Responding, Staying Calm, Accuracy in Communicating Data, and Clear Visual Transport.

Mediation offered in:

Basic I

     Organization of Dots

     Identifying Emotions

     Compare and Discover the Absurd I

     From Unit to Group

     Orientation in Space

Basic II

     Compare and Discover the Absurd II

     Know and Identify

     Tri-Channel Attentional Learning

     From Empathy to Action

     Think and Learn to Prevent Violence

     Learning to Ask Questions for Reading Comp.

Standard I

     Organization of Dots

     Orientation in Space

     Analytic Perception


Standard II


      Family Relations

      Temporal Relations




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